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Lowest price, no hidden costs

We assume that the cost of the service should be known from the outset. This way you can plan your trip successfully. For this reason, we avoid the practice of hiding costs and even though the cost of SIMTEL is one of the most beneficial We charge only bail for equipment rental, without charging administration fees.

Wide reach

Due to cooperation with many home providers, our service not only has a very wide reach, but also saves battery life in the device. Your service will work smoothly and longer than ever before.

No reservation fee

The booking fee and cancellation costs are just one of the many hidden fees charged to competitors. If you choose to use SIMTEL, until you receive the device, you will be able to resign of it at any time without incurring any additional costs.

Years of experience


Number of countries


Activation each day


which are interested in the service

3 500

Prices comparison of Internet access


180 PLN
65 PLN
35 PLN

* Average daily consumption at the use of 300mb/ 10 calls, accounting for daily rates

SIMTEL is a subsidiary of the TYSS group which was established in Japan in late 1980s and has a long experience in providing Internet access and other services in Asia. It is made up of experts with experience in handling foreign tourists. Quality of service is guaranteed by contracts that give our customers uninterrupted access to our services.

Proven supplier.
Deriving from one of the most experienced entities providing alternative mobile Internet access services, we are able to guarantee the highest quality and service safety. We take care to provide our customers technical support at all stages, so that they can fully realize the goals for which they traveled on a foreign journey, entrusting to us - experts, taking care of the continuity of access to the Internet. Without hidden fees, your own account with electronic notification system and access to technical support is our asset, because customer service quality is our top priority.


Access to the service

Internet access is one of the key functionalities needed for you to carry out your daily tasks, regardless of where you are. Our service will allow you to forget about high bills, and its availability and quality will make you forget about the problems you have already faced.

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What I like the most: a small modem hidden in a backpack, and I do not have to worry about whether the messages to my family is coming or not. I recommend!

Krzysztof Brzyski
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